Research activity at the School of Second Chance of Domokos

In the framework of the implementation of Action 1 “EU Values Report for inmates of Domokos Prison”, the AXIES projects’ implementation team, conducted an informative/educational activity at the premises of the Domokos Prison on Wednesday 12 June 2024. The action was addressed to students and teachers of SDE Domokou.

The participants were informed about the European Union’s scope, its Member States and its objectives. The Prosecutor Mrs.Papadopoulou Dimitra talked about the impact of the European Union on the institution of Justice as well as for the rights and obligations of the students of SDE Domokos. The presentation of the actions’ research part was conducted by the teachers Mr.Mallios Nikolaos (Director of the SDE Domokou) and Mr.Dimos Ioannis (Project Manager – LabSTEM). The topic of the action was the mapping and recording of the student’s attitude to the values of the European Union, namely Dignity, Equality, Freedom and Respect (AXIES).

The presentation and recording of the participants’ attitudes was done using the gamification technique. Specifically, anonymous cards ( were handed out to the respondents and they used them to indicate their preference for each question. Responses were recorded using a smartphone that recorded the position of the card (A/B/C/D), which position corresponded to one of the four possible answers to each question.

At the end of the process, the students had the opportunity to address questions to Mrs.Papadopoulou about how the Eurapaic Union affects or not the quality of their lives inside and outside the prison. In the context of the discussion, the participants expressed genuine interest and expressed their concerns and opinions in a genuine and authentic way.

The members of the project team will prepare a report which will be published on the project website.

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